Dude Machine

by Hot Mess

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released March 29, 2011



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Hot Mess Amherst, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Hair Dryer
When I look inside myself i see a rib cage
and nothing else
I see a birdcage
and nothing else
I see a hand breaking out of my torso.

She's got hot eyes inside her head
I can tell by the way that you're looking at me
I can tell by the way that you're staring at me

When I look inside my skull i see a brain shape and a pretty girl
I see a rotting paste that used to be
and now it's dull like me

Alright now go
It's not the flavor
That hits your tongue
It's just the taste of
Something going wrong
Track Name: Coffee Girl
you have no soul
you're beautiful today, but tomorrow you'll be dead
rotting in the ground, just like everybody else

so if you don't know what to do
then go ahead and break the rules
and if you're feelin alright
you're gonna be my girl tonight
but i am starin straight at the floor

you're the one i need
i can't keep my eyes off you


i thought you had a boyfriend
but then i saw your ring
i hope he doesn't ming
if i take you home with me

take you home, but not, just... to sleep

the lights turn green at the same time
everybody goes
Track Name: I Know the Look
You've got to find a place to put it down
You know it feels good, to not be good
But you were brought up, to be faithful

I will take
What i can't afford
But i can't steal, your heart

I know the look
Track Name: Brian in the Kitchen
sometimes i feel like i'm dead
sometimes i feel like i'm dieing
sometimes i feel like i'm dead
and i don't care

my teachers never taught me how to feel
my parents never taught me how to feel

i know that you love many things baby
so i'll take them
and keep them from you
and i don't care
Track Name: The Yuppie Project
I'll live alone, in my own head
Got no Yuppies dragging me
by my fucking legs

i wish
i was a little bit more concerned with the things that my parents said
i won't be caught in a business suit with a tie around my neck

my brain feels like it's falling from my face
it's banging in my skull like an eager college girl
getting fucked
and she doesn't know when to stop so we give her what she wants
i'll be left standing all alone with nothing but the drool
down my chest
Track Name: Food Stamps
my dad told me that i was no one
i believed that son of a bitch
when i was young I, wasn't on my knees no,
i was walking down the stree

i might get old. but i won't grow up.

my dad told me that i was no one
i didn't believe that son of a bitch
face down in the dirt i won't become
what they say i need to be
Track Name: Surf Song
don't sing about surfing unless you're russel budd
my kind of surfing is when you're attacked by sharks
and i don't think that you have ever seen a beach
but you get the women, there are none left for me
and so
i hope that

you're shark attacked
you're never coming back

you're just a pussy out laying on the beach
you got your girlfriend rubbing lotion on your face
and maybe later you'll build castles in the sand
and i'll be pissing in your moat
with a skateboard in my hands

i hope that

you're shark attacked
Track Name: More Men
She'll only do what she's told when shes laying on her back
Tell me all your sins now baby, show me what you hide
"I won't be tied down to just one man, oh no i won't
I'm cursed, to always be alone"

There's no time for a patient love, the kids just want to fuck
Track Name: Mummy Song
theres a buliding some place
where the people cannot sleep
and they're stuck inside

theres a house someplace
where i can't shut my eyes
and they're drying out

just get out of my head
why won't you leave me alone
get out of my head.